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Vienna Stock Exchange: Austrian Traded Index Closes 2021 With +44%, 2022 Brings 365 New Opportunities To Approach Stock Investments - Exchange News Direct

The Austrian stock market outperforms the rest of the world in Wiener Börse's 250th anniversary year. The ATX Total Return closes on 30 December 2021 at 7,848.78 points, +44% (ATX: 3,861.06 points). The global stock rally is noticeably awakening interest in equities also in Austria, which has a conservative investment climate. However, more important than looking at the past year is looking at the long-term development of stock markets. Since the start of the calculation, the ATX including dividends has shown an annual average return of 7%. Financial education is the basis for well-founded investment decisions and will also be in the focus next year. Experts from the Vienna Stock Exchange contribute their experience to the "National Financial Education Strategy", initiated by the Federal Ministry of Finance. Teaching material for schools will be further developed. Private investors can choose from 30 seminar topics within the Wiener Börse Academy. The orientation webinar series “Börse4you” is free of charge.

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"Financial education provides the best investor protection and pays off. Every citizen benefits from knowing that return and risk are always in proportion to each other. In this zero-interest phase, overlooking the long-term returns on stock markets of between 7-9 % not only leads to financial losses. Private capital would also strengthen the innovative power of our economy. Austria has more 310 billion euros in collective savings," says Christoph Boschan, CEO of Wiener Börse AG.

Wiener Börse Academy

With more than 1,000 participants per year and over 30 different seminar topics, the Wiener Börse Akademie – run in cooperation with WIFI Vienna – is Austria's largest stock exchange seminar provider. The new webinar series “Börse4you” offers both beginners and experienced investors an easy way to deepen their knowledge and stay up-to-date. In January, sessions will be offered via Zoom with a focus on the stock market outlook 2022 and deepening knowledge. Further sessions will take place regularly in 2022. For bookings made between 3 and 21 January 2022, participants receive a New Year's bonus of 15% for many seminars.

"The end of the year is often a time to think about money and investment opportunities for the next year. The wide range of trainings offered by Wiener Börse covers just about every target group. It is nice to see: Financial education is in high demand," says Edith Franc, Head of Public Affairs, Financial Literacy Events at Wiener Börse.

Financial education for students

In 2021, the Vienna Stock Exchange provided twice as many Börse4me school folders as in the previous year. The number of documents downloaded online also rose by 12% to 1,300. The total of six modules are aimed at the AHS and BMHS school types and can be used in the classroom as needed. A new module with an ESG focus was added in autumn. An expansion of the modules with supplements for lower secondary schools is planned for 2022 and should follow the current curriculum reform.