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Theta's (THETA) Turnaround Continues with a 5.35% Boost Today - FX Leaders - FX Leaders

The rising price of Theta today indicates a continued upward trend spurred on by a market that looks like it is on the verge of recovery. Other cryptos may be improving at a slower rate with Bitcoin up just 0.46% and Solana up 3.09%, but many others are shooting past their highest rates for December.

The seven-day chart for many cryptocurrency coins is very positive, with some of them increasing 15-20% over that period. Theta is being buoyed by this upsurge, with a 5.35% increase today, bringing it up to $4.34 (THETA/USD).

Theta’s Movement for Now

Many analysts did not expect Theta to fall under the $4 level (which it did) or to stay under that level for long (which it did not). Theta has been on an upward movement since Monday, and we expect it to continue moving upward through the week.

Theta has the potential to move as high as $5 before it starts to see serious resistance, if we take into account its performance throughout much of this year. Trade volume is down for Theta over the last 24 hours (6.73%), but in this case, that means people are not selling off the crypto as much. They are holding onto it in hopes that the price will continue to increase.

We are expecting Theta to do well this week and next, potentially benefiting from holiday spending and new year investments. Many new investors will likely be dipping their toes into cryptocurrency and may try a proven crypto like Theta that has a chance to really break out next year.

What’s promising for this crypto at the moment is that its upward trajectory is not a sharp spike but rather a steady incline, as opposed to some recent movement from the crypto. That can indicate healthy growth and an overall bullish trend that sticks around for a while. Those wondering when to invest in Theta will likely want to do it very soon before the price gets any higher, allowing them to maximize their potential profits. Any investment in crypto at this time, however, should be made carefully due to the volatile market.