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The Trading Channel Announces “The Ultimate Forex Beginner - GlobeNewswire

July 22, 2021 15:10 ET | Source: The Trading Channel

NEW YORK, July 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Learning to trade the Forex market is a challenging task and can be quite overwhelming for a beginner. This is where trading education and mentorship can help shorten the learning curve. The Trading Channel is one such organization that offers the Ultimate Forex Beginner Course and a lot of free educational content to help traders succeed.

The Ultimate Forex Beginner Course 

The Ultimate Forex Beginner Course is an over 8-hour long course that is absolutely free and is literally the only Forex course any trader should need to get an incredible foundation and start a professional trading career. This is a perfectly organized course to take someone from any level of trading to helping them achieve their trading goals.

The first video will teach traders the ins and outs of the Forex market itself. Things like “What is the Forex market” “what is a pip” “how and why does this market move” etc are explained here. The second part of the course will teach traders the exact steps they need to take in order to become successful in the Forex market and in trading in general. In this lesson, TTC takes traders down the checklist that they will need to check off before they begin a trading career. Traders go over exactly what they should learn including technical analysis, support and resistance, indicators, trading psychology, risk management, and strategy development. This video is to get traders ready for the next steps they will be taking throughout The Ultimate Forex Beginner Course.

The third part of the course will teach traders everything they need to know about technical analysis. It is over 2 hours of content that will take traders through the process of learning about candlesticks and candlestick charts, support and resistance, trend identification, indicators, chart patterns, how to place trades, how to place stop loss and limit orders, and much more. This will ensure that traders can navigate a candlestick chart and trading platform with ease.

The fourth part of the course is all about mindset. Founder of TTC, Steven Hart shows a 3-step process that took him over a decade to develop; that can make nearly anyone a profitable trader. This way, they have a good idea of how Steven developed an insanely clear trading mindset. The fifth part of The Ultimate Forex Beginner Course is going to show traders how to develop and test trading strategies. At this point, traders should understand technical analysis very well. So, that means they are ready to develop their own profitable trading strategy or use the example strategy that Steven teaches in this part of the course in order to jump-start their trading career with a profitable trading strategy. This is one of the essential parts of trading success and if a trader does not have a profitable strategy that they can follow, then, unfortunately, they are doomed to fail.

Part six is going to be all about safety and building a trading plan. One of the most overlooked parts of trading is risk management and building a full trading plan. Because of this, over 90% of traders fail to ever make money because they either lose all their money or become too emotional about trades due to poor risk management. Because of that, Steven wants to help traders avoid that terrible situation and ensure that they have a good understanding of risk management before they begin their trading career and that they understand how to create a full trading plan. All of that is taken care of in part six.

Steven Hart - Founder of The Trading Channel 

Steven Hart (Founder of The Trading Channel) has quickly become one of the most known professional Forex traders in the world by amassing a following of over 1,000,000 aspiring traders across social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. His company (TTC) has done this by providing unrivaled valuable content to help beginner and struggling traders navigate through the unforgiving Forex market. The Trading Channel’s main goal is to ensure that each trader that has the determination to put in the extremely hard work it takes to become a professional trader has equal resources and opportunity to accomplish that goal as fast as possible.

Steven himself has been trading Forex and other financial markets for over 10 years and has taught over 10,000 students the art of Forex trading over the past 5 years in their numerous educational courses. Today, Steven and the TTC team offer a wide variety of free financial education to aspiring traders all around the world. They consistently provide content that includes extensive education material about day trading, swing trading, and long-term investing. They are best known for producing FREE content for a wide variety of skill levels.


The Ultimate Forex Beginner Course walks traders through the entire process with easy-to-follow instructions that help them understand the video lessons so that they come out the other side a much better trader. The Trading Channel always has extensive and valuable free content that can help people get to that next step in their trading career. 

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Steven Hart Steven Hart Learning to trade the Forex market is a challenging task and can be quite overwhelming for a beginne...