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New York Stock Exchange to Require Floor Traders to Get Vaccinated - The Wall Street Journal

People who work on the exchange floor will need to be fully vaccinated by Sept. 13, unless they qualify for a medical or religious exemption.

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Updated Aug. 11, 2021 3:21 pm ET

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The New York Stock Exchange will require traders to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to access its historic trading floor, stepping up its measures against the coronavirus amid rising cases of the Delta variant.

Traders and other personnel who work on the floor will need to be fully vaccinated by Sept. 13, unless they qualify for a medical or religious exemption, NYSE Chief Operating Officer Michael Blaugrund said in a Wednesday email to the exchange’s floor community.

Those who are granted medical or religious exemptions will need to be masked and present recent negative Covid-19 tests before accessing the floor, Mr. Blaugrund wrote in the email, a copy of which was reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

The memo cited “recent shifts in public health conditions as well as updated recommendations from federal, state and local authorities.” NYSE is also expanding its on-site random testing program to include vaccinated personnel, effective immediately, the memo said.

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The NYSE’s total floor population numbers several hundred people, including traders, exchange employees and technology vendors. During the heyday of in-person stock trading in the early 2000s, thousands crowded onto the floor on weekdays, but the rise of electronic trading since then has decimated staffing levels.

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Appeared in the August 12, 2021, print edition as 'Vaccines Required For NYSE Traders.'