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Meet Sahil Ali - The Promising Name In The Field Of Forex, Trading - Outlook India

The financial market is as vast and deep as an ocean. And with its vastness spread across, the global foreign exchange (forex) market has turned out to be an ultimate trading platform for traders, entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world. With the arrival of the latest technology and innovations, one of India’s young and dynamic entrepreneurs, Sahil Ali, has carved his name as a self-made trader. 

He is the director of CostaFX Technologies, a platform for forex trading that offers an automatic robot setup with experts managing trading accounts. In an era where machines have made things easier for humans, this 20-year old has taken the trading platform to a new high with his in-depth knowledge about the technological field. Born on September 6, 2020, Sahil Ali started to learn about trading at the age of 13. 

With no background in the financial sector, he gained knowledge through online videos. “The internet has played a crucial role in building the company. Whatever you wish to learn is just a click away. And I must say, YouTube and other social media platforms have been pioneers in my successful journey as a trader”, says Sahil. Hailing from the Nanded region of Maharashtra, Sahil Ali is currently based in the financial capital of the country, Mumbai. 

As a teenager, Sahil Ali was fascinated by technological advancements and the projections made by experts about the growth of technology. With the arrival of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and blockchain technology, Sahil Ali got much-needed exposure to utilise his skills in the field of forex trading. Having forex robots in place, CostaFX Technologies trades in the GBP and USD currency pairs that do not lag errors. Moreover, its forex robots do not have any human emotions like greed or fear, and they have the capability to analyse trading charts with accuracy. 

At just 20, Sahil Ali has polished himself as one of the emerging names in the forex market. He says that it is important to be upgraded with technological changes. “Only if we are walking with the trends, we are in a race to compete. Else, our skills shall get obsolete in no time”, added Sahil. With a strong client base from across the world, Sahil Ali is truly one of the promising forex trading experts in today’s time. Apart from his professional side of trading, he is a national level badminton player and has an immense love for sports and other co-curricular activities.

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