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Finance Ministry requests report on deductible expenses -

COLOMBO (News 1st): The Ministry of Finance has instructed all the Secretaries of Ministries to look into the deductible expenditure of each Ministry and submit a report.

Secretary to the Ministry of Finance S.R. Attygalle said that the relevant reports have to be submitted before 15 September.

The Finance Ministry has requested the Treasury to be informed as soon as possible about the deductible expenses and the amount of money expected to be saved from them.

It is expected to reduce expenditure due to the declining revenue of the Government in the wake of the pandemic, both locally and internationally.

Steps have been taken to temporarily suspend or postpone all new projects, new purchases, construction and renovation work in the Ministries, even though fund allocations have been made.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Finance had also informed the Ministers about this at the recent Cabinet meeting.

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