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Eurozone Sentix investor confidence dropped to 19.6, glowing global recovery - Action Forex

Eurozone Sentix Investor Confidence dropped to 19.6 in September, down from 22.2, slightly below expectation of 19.7. That’s the fourth decline in a row and the lowest reading since April, 2021. Current situation index was unchanged at 30.8. Expectations index dropped from1 4.0 to 9.0, lowest since May 2020.

Sentix said: “The momentum of the global economy is slowing. The expectation scores of most regions in the sentix business cycle indices are falling for the fourth or fifth time in a row. The expectation values are still positive, but the zenith of the economic recovery since the lockdowns last autumn has been passed. This is also evident in the assessments of the economic situation, which have only improved slightly in a few regions. In the important region of Asia ex Japan, on the other hand, we measure a noticeable decline”.

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