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A stock exchange by the sea - Financial Mail

A stock exchange in Cape Town is not exactly new. The city had one before at the time of the SA War, when many Joburgers from the Transvaal fled Paul Kruger’s republic for the British colony

16 December 2021 - 05:00 John Young

Across the road from the Stock Exchange Hotel, in the Woodstock Exchange building, is Cape Town’s newest financial institution, the Cape Town Stock Exchange (CTSE).That these two buildings have the word "exchange" in them may or may not have something to do with Cape Town once having had a stock exchange (when the SA War drove all the Uitlanders out of Joburg). But the more significant co-location is the Bandwidth Barn across the corridor from the rebranded 4AX stock exchange.The tech incubator, run by the Cape Innovation Technology Initiative, is a poster child for the Western Cape’s Silicon Cape ambitions. And the latest group of Joburgers to take up residence in the Cape are certainly tech-savvy.All the new stock exchanges offer newer and faster technology. But where there were three bourses with an X in the name, now there are two, and one of those, ZAR X, had its licence suspended in August for failing to meet "capital adequacy" requirements.CTSE CEO Eugene Booysen says he wa...