Erectile dysfunction – more than just pejorative secret

The absence or loss of healthy sex life can be a devastating experience for an individual. The inability to have sex due to the failure to start or maintain an erection can mean the lack of personal intimacy and low self-esteem. If the psychological and emotional effects of erectile dysfunction cannot be addressed properly, then serious social and interpersonal problems can occur.

 Self-esteem, sexual identity and the feeling of attractiveness and desirability is especially important for a modern workingman in order to build a competitive advantage over other co-workers. To be the best within a team or a company can especially be challenging, as a result, it is very important to be emotionally secure and expressive about one’s mind, perceptions and concepts. Erectile dysfunction can all hamper these psychological characteristics by compromising how men look at themselves and their relationships with others. Inability to work as a team or establish trust with others can result in irritability, insecurity, and inability to communicate and can result in serious workplace problems.

The immediate effect of erectile dysfunction on society basically impugns one’s self-confidence and his ability to interact with friends and colleagues in the workplace. Personal satisfaction and fulfillment are also adversely affected as a person may find difficulty in enjoying his life and boosting his morale and seriously decrease work productivity and hamper relationships with his co-workers. Without the right psychological or medical help, a person with erectile dysfunction is like to change adversely his attitude not only towards others but also towards himself and what he does, including his attitude towards work and other aspects of his life.

Not as rare as it seems

Erectile dysfunction is not as uncommon as what people believe it to be. In the United States, it actually happens in one in every tenth people. On the larger picture, erectile dysfunction has a much wider effect on the efficiency and productivity of the larger society as that it is normally thought of by most people:
- When erectile difficulties start to affect one’s careers and given his lack of emotional security, a person with impotence would usually start to think of himself as a failure and thus be less productive.
- Less productivity can hamper one’s career advancement and could keep him from being financially sound or from gaining the respect of colleagues.
- On a societal perspective, the lack of productivity in one of ten persons, especially among senior individuals, can be a very strong deterrent factor towards overall efficiency and productivity.
- Also, a person who does not perform well at work is likely to experience financial setbacks and have problems with his self-worth, since one’s financial status is what today’s society widely accepts as a measure of success.

Since a person who has difficulty in the bed is very likely to have problems in the workplace, it is best to seek medical advice for therapies that could help a person deal with erectile difficulties. These therapies could range from oral drugs such as Viagra to penile implants and injections and to invasive surgeries. However, the treatment of erectile dysfunction is not as simple as it may seem. A doctor’s prescription is very important especially before taking oral drugs such as Viagra. In addition to medication, counseling or psychological treatment can help a person cope with its consequences and support him emotionally in dealing with his condition. Although Viagra and other oral drugs can effectively restore an erection for a moment, it cannot directly or immediately heal the emotional difficulties that could arise in a person with impotence.

The problem of impotency in males is not new and has been present since early times. The only difference is previously men used to think it as a taboo a question mark on their manhood, and a disease that cannot be cured. But today with the growing consciousness in this matter people have become more open to talk about these problems. Though a million others still need to shake off their prejudice and come clear.

It has been found out that approximately only in twenty percent of the people suffering from impotency the cause is psychological. In the rest of them, the problem is physiological and curable. 

Impotency may be caused by a number of reasons:
- Among this diabetes is one of the common causes.
- Besides this, the problem may be vascular or neurological.
- it may be the effect of drugs that you need to take.

However, many men suffer from the fear of losing their potency. After all, if you are dejected or weary or in the absence of stimulation it is natural that you will not be able to attain a proper erection. This is not a problem of impotency, so if you are facing similar kinds of problem rest assure.
What problems do drugs solve

Popular drug Viagra is not for arousing sexual desire, and it cannot help you in this matter.
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Viagra is a prescribed drug and therefore you should first consult a certified doctor before you start taking it. This is all the more important because Viagra reacts with different drugs and may cause harmful reactions. Acceptance of this drug is prohibited for such diseases:

- heart problems;
- high and low pressure;
- liver problems;
- some other diseases.

Patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases usually consume drugs which contain nitrates which are vasodilators. Viagra also contains the same properties and together with nitrates they can bring down the blood pressure to a dangerous level.

 Viagra in spite of being very effective is not devoid of side effects. Many of the users complain of dizziness, headaches, stomach upset, temporary or permanent visual impairment.

Because of all the risk that is involved, it is generally advisable that you consult a doctor, make him aware of your past medical history and then start using Viagra if he permits you. Viagra should be taken in a small dosage, in the beginning, to ensure that your body is not reacting negatively. Viagra is available in tablet form and the dosage ranges from 25 mg to 100 mg. This drug has been certified by the FDA in the year 1998.

It is not possible to get Viagra over the counter without proper prescription. However, Viagra is available online, which has become a cause of concern for the medical practitioner as this has increased the abuse of these pills.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction than this wonder drug can definitely come to your aid provided you consult a physician first.

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