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or Mezhdunarodnyy Universitet Nauki i Biznesa, Kyrgyzstan

We offer unique for Kyrgyzstan programs of social support of students and employees. Learn more about ED - update 09.08.2019. With us You will save your money, get education and social support package. Munib Programmes: The budget for Free education in tertiary education: Economy; The University guarantees: Free quality EDUCATION; Free accommodation in the hostel; Free set lunch (every day); Free medical care; Employment in organizations and enterprises of the University; Thus, if in ordinary universities a student pays all the time and after graduation he has only expenses, then students leave our University with a quality education (Diploma), their own apartment (or their money) and personal business. At the same time he all 4 years free lunch and lived in a hostel. Learn more at Wikipedia 

социальной поддержки
сотрудников и выпускников

Ипотека, трудоустройство

Теория - практика - наука

Каждому студенты создаются условия для приобретения практического 

профессионального опыта и навыков исследовательской работы

Find a teacher with whom you will be comfortable, talk to him and visit a free lesson
After completing the curriculum, leave a review about the tutor and your progress and get bonuses for it
Use our secure platform to discuss payment, curriculum and convenient class schedules
The description should be brief but informative
Choose a suitable vacancy and start using the acquired knowledge and experience for implementation in the chosen field of activity 
The description should be brief but informative

Mutual cooperation of our medical specialists with USVGR specialists in the field of medicine

Our medical specialists Munib work not only in their own country, but also cooperate with specialists around the world. The most effective cooperation was with the American doctors of THP in the field of treatment of erectile dysfunction. Read more about research in 2020 here -

Important news: Our educational center has started not only research in urology, but also research of the COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine. And we hope that in the summer of 2020 we will develop a vaccine.


MUNIB is a full cycle of education, fixed by the base of vacancies more than 5000 jobs: University, Bank, construction company, agriculture, sanatorium on Issyk-Kul, hotel business, industrial enterprises, medical clinic and pharmaceutical industry. Educational institutions offer applicants only two options of training: the budget form and contract. No other way. But time has shown the insufficiency of the current system of student relations with educational institutions. The money invested goes away from you forever. The standard training scheme looks like this: Payment for the contract: 30-40 thousand soms per year. In 4 years, 120 to 160 thousand soms. Residence. The student lives in a hostel, or rents an apartment from 5 thousand or more. per month: for 10 months – more than 50 thousand soms. and more than 200 thousand soms for 4 years. Meal - LUNCH. At least 100 kgs per day, 50 thousand kgs per year and for the entire period of training – 200 thousand kgs.

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About the University

Higher professional educational institution "international University of science and business" - educational organization of higher professional education of the Kyrgyz Republic - educational and scientific organization established in accordance with the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic "On education", in order to implement professional educational programs of higher, postgraduate and additional professional education, as well as programs of preschool, secondary and secondary vocational education.


The University is a legal entity, in the organizational and legal form institution, private ownership.


Official name of the University:


- in the state language – "al aralyk Ilim Zhana business University»


- in the official language – "international University of science and business»;


Abbreviated name:


- the state language –AAIBO;


- the official language is Munib.


The mission of the University is to train specialists of the new formation, able to provide positive changes in the economy and society, able to combine research, design and business activities .


The strategic objectives of INSTRAW are::

The study of urology and problems of erectile dysfunction


to become a scientific, economic, intermediary between science and business, to be a conductor of innovative ideas in the field of education, science and business for domestic, foreign organizations and enterprises;

using investment opportunities, own resources, modern high information technologies and international educational standards, cooperation with partners, to train professionals: young professionals, economists, managers, managers, researchers of international level;

carrying out qualitative selection of the best applicants from among talented youth, to bring up the personality of progressive students of high culture who are able to make decisions independently, to promote graduates of University in employment, conducting scientific researches, opening of the business.

Schedule of the rounds of selection and admission 2019-2020

July 11-16 - First round

11-13 July - Collection of vouchers


13 July 14.00 - Ends collection vouchers coupons


July 14 to 10.00 - lists of applicants recommended for admission are Posted


July 14-16 - Confirmation of applicants ' desire to be enrolled in the University


18 – 23 July - Second round


18-20 July - Collect vouchers coupons


20 July 14.00 - Ends collection vouchers coupons


July 21 to 10.00 - lists of applicants recommended for admission are Posted


July 21-23 - Confirmation of applicants ' desire to be enrolled in the University


25-30 July - the Third round (held with the permission of the MES KR)


July 25-27 - Collection of vouchers


On 27 July, 14.00 - Ends collection vouchers coupons


July 28 to 10.00 - lists of applicants recommended for admission are Posted


July 28-30 - Confirmation of applicants ' desire to be enrolled in the University


Until August 25 - the Granting of the full report in the MES of the KR and the direction of the lists of applicants to confirm to HMRC*

Due to the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working in a limited mode in 2020.


* A General list of applicants who have confirmed their desire to study at the University at the end of all rounds of enrollment is sent to NTS for confirmation.

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